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Airport briefing - Arrivals


Arrival procedures

On establishing contact with Luqa APP arriving flights should state their cleared level, type of aircraft and receipt of ATIS information.

Aircraft should expect to be radar vectored to an ILS approach procedure for RWY 13/31 or an RNAV approach procedure for RWY 13/31/23/05 subject to RIU. ATC may clear aircraft to an appropriate waypoint associated with the ILS /RNAV procedure from which the aircraft can transition to the ILS / RNAV approach.

Requests for visual approach on RWY 13/23/05 will not be accepted by ATC unless aircraft report unable ILS/RNAV approach due to lack of equipage.

Requests for a visual approach on RWY 31 are allowed subject to traffic operating in the circuit and the landing sequence. When a visual approach is approved by ATC the pilot should expect an initial clearance to descend not below an altitude of 3000 FT. A follow on instructions to continue the approach below 3000 FT should normally be expected after the aircraft crosses the RWY 23/05 axis.


When holding is anticipated ATC will clear IFR arrivals to the appropriate published holding fix as follows:
Landing RWY Holding Fix Description of Holding Pattern MNM ALT (FT)
13 OMBER Inbound track 042 left-hand turns 3000
NOLER Inbound track 132 right-hand turns
GUDER Inbound track 222 right-hand turns
31 TIVOR Inbound track 042 right-hand turns 3000
SOFOR Inbound track 312 right-hand turns
KEKOR Inbound track 222 left-hand turns
Note: Holding may be given by ATC for tactical sequencing.
Landing RWY Holding Fix Description of Holding Pattern MNM ALT (FT)
23 MONAM Inbound track 142 left-hand turns 3000
EVLAM Inbound track 232 right-hand turns
INTAM Inbound track 322 right-hand turns
05 METIM Inbound track 141 right-hand turns 3000
VEKIM Inbound track 051 right-hand turns
BEVIM nbound track 321 left-hand turns
Note: Holding may be given by ATC for tactical sequencing.

An Expected Approach Time will be issued by Luqa APP when aircraft are expected to hold for 10 MIN or more. The ETA will be based on a minimum landing interval of 3 MIN.

Arrival flights are given ‘Delay not determined’ when the landing runway cannot be used for landing and it is not possible to predict when the runway will become available

Runway vacating procedures

Unless otherwise instructed by ATC, MEDIUM and HEAVY aircraft should plan to vacate the runway after landing as follows:
  1. RWY 05: for MEDIUM aircraft via TWY J
  2. RWY 23: for MEDIUM aircraft via TWY L
  3. RWY 13: for MEDIUM aircraft via TWY C or TWY D
  4. RWY 13: for HEAVY aircraft via TWY C or TWY D or via TWY A in case of long landing roll
  5. RWY 31: for MEDIUM aircraft via TWY E or TWY F
  6. RWY 31: for HEAVY aircraft via TWY E or TWY F or via the loop TWY H/H South to backtrack the runway in case of long landing roll.
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