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Airport briefing Malta Airport


ATC positions / frequencies

Unit Callsign Logon Frequency Online
Luqa ATIS Luqa Information LMML_ATIS 127.40 N/A
Luqa GND Luqa Ground LMML_GND 121.600
Luqa TWR Luqa Tower LMML_TWR 135.100
Luqa APP Luqa Approach LMML_APP 128.150
Malta ACC W Malta Control LMMM_CTR 130.975
Malta ACC E Malta Control LMMM_E_CTR 122.775 / 133.625


MS Flight Simulator
Flight Simulator X Flight Simulator 2004

Find the latest AFCADs at library.avsim.net by clicking here (https://library.avsim.net/search.php?CatID=root&SearchTerm=lmml&Sort=Added&ScanMode=0&Go=Change+View)


Directions issued by ATC should be followed at all times. RTF transmissions must be brief, concise and kept to a minimum consistent with operational requirements.

On the movement area, aircraft will be cleared to proceed under direction from ATC and pilots are reminded of the importance of maintaining a careful lookout at all times especially on aprons. ATC instructions will specify the taxi route to be followed.

Use of Runways

RWY 13/31 IFR Preferential Runway Scheme (IFR PRS)
The RIU selected in LMML shall be RWY 31 from 0600 LT to 1800 LT and RWY 13 from 1800 LT to 0600 LT.

Requests by pilots for departure and landing on the runway reciprocal to the declared RIU will not be allowed except in cases of emergency, urgency or priority landing.

The IFR PRS on RWY 13/31 is not applicable when:
  1. the tailwind component for the selected RIU exceeds 8 KT in dry conditions;
  2. the tailwind component for the selected RIU exceeds 5 KT in wet conditions;
  3. The crosswind component exceeds 25 KT in dry or wet conditions. In these conditions RWY 23 or RWY 05 shall be declared as the RIU, with RWY 31 or RWY 13 available for Code E/F operations only;
  4. Wind shear has been reported or forecast or when thunderstorms are expected to affect the approach;
  5. The runway is closed due to pre-notified events.

Active runway
LMML 180815Z 02004KT 310V090 CAVOK 26/10 Q1017 NOSIG
Based on the current METAR report and preferential runway scheme,
runway 31 for IFR flights, and
runway 05 for VFR flights
are currently in use.

Intersecting Runway Operations
Unrestricted operations on RWY 13/31 are allowed when aircraft have been cleared for take-off from RWY 23 intersection R

The minimum horizontal radar separations are:
  • 5NM, in the Malta ACC WEST Sector including the Malta TMA; and
  • 10NM in the Malta ACC EAST Sector.

Transition altitude / level
Airport Transition altitude Transition level
LMML 5000 FT FL070
LICD 3000 FT
< 977 FL055
977 - 995 FL050
995 - 1013 FL045
> 1013 FL040
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Active RWYs 020° 04KT
IFR: 31
VFR: 05

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