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VATSIM Malta (unofficial) is not officially represented by VATSIM, and is currently a group of members who are trying to make Maltese airspace shine again on VATSIM. Our hope is to one day begin our very own official vACC.

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Controllers - Procedures

On this page you can view letter of agreements (LoA) for Malta, and other relevant ATC procedures.
To view the different pages, use the menu on the right side of this text.

Some abbreviations used throughout these documents:
  • RFL: Requested Flight Level
  • ACC: Area Control Center
  • TMA: Terminal Control Area
  • CTR: Control Zone
  • COP: Changeover Point

Transfer points:
Always use the first transfer point whenever there are multiple transfer points available.
LoA Menu LMMM - Malta
LIRR - Rome
LGGG - Athinai
HLLL - Tripoli
DTTC - Tunis

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