Welcome to VATSIM Malta (unofficial)!
This is a VIRTUAL community, and does not represent MATS (Malta Air Traffic Services) in any way.

VATSIM Malta (unofficial) is not officially represented by VATSIM, and is currently a group of members who are trying to make Maltese airspace shine again on VATSIM. Our hope is to one day begin our very own official vACC.

By using this site, you understand that this website is meant as a tool for virtual controllers and pilots who use flight simulators to simulate the procedures and operations of Malta ATS. No information contained on this website can, nor should, be used for real world flights.

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Welcome to VATSIM Malta (unofficial)

Welcome to VATSIM Malta (unofficial)
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Welcome to VATSIM Malta (unofficial)

VATSIM Malta (unofficial) is the Maltese community for virtual pilots and controllers on the VATSIM Network.
VATSIM is a network for virtual flight simulation enthusiasts, which connects virtual air traffic controllers with virtual pilots.
VATSIM Malta (unofficial) provides virtual air traffic control services in the Maltese airspace, including Lampedusa Airport on VATSIM. We maintain and develop air traffic control procedures, and we train virtual air traffic controllers to provide realistic services to pilots. Overall, we are a community of aviation fans, and seek to exchange knowledge on our favourite topics. Join us now to begin your virtual ATC career!

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